The 5 Stages of Grief: iPad Joke Edition

1. Denial that everyone else is making the same iPad-maxipad joke. (Surely it’s just a coincidence. Surely the entire Internet just got its period.)

2. Sadness that your beloved friends don’t care about your every passing thought. (Surely you’re not all porn bots!)

3. Bargaining with the notion that this meme, too, shall pass. (The State of the Union jokes will pick up speed any minute now! Right? RIGHT?)

4. Anger that everyone else has come up with much better quips. (Yayaa: The important question is, does the iPad come with flexi-wings and special leakguard protection? Blagg: iPad? I definitely would have gone with MacsyPad.)

5. Acceptance that your destiny lies elsewhere. (I should throw in the towel and/or stick to reblogging and retweeting.)